Friday, April 29, 2011


It has been a VERY busy day and I hate to tell you that we don't even have pictures :( no time).  Of course, I didn't get any sleep, because I was constantly checking to see if the girls were breathing.  We have been very closely following the schedule they had at the orphanage (with some wiggle room).  Juliana gets 3 medications a total of 7 times a day (just keeping up with that is a HUGE job for me because we all know how absent minded I can be).  As if being a new parent isn't difficult enough, I have found it extremely difficult to be brand new at this in a foreign country.  It is hard to buy food for the girls, the apartment is dirty (just has a nasty feel about it and very little cleaning supplies) therefore I don't want them to touch anything, but there isn't much for them to do (we can't really bring a walker or swing or such).  We can not wait to be home.  WHICH, I am currently working on obtaining tickets for next Friday!!! Details to come....

I will give you some of the memorable highlights from the day:

  • Lunch with the Clark family :) (they came for a visit; so first official visitors of the girls since we have had them.
  • Juliana has livened up considerably, even since yesterday.  She is showing much more emotion and so stinking cute.
  • Juliana loves to stare at us as we feed her and will even track us when we are moving about.
  • Rabbit not Horse: There are interesting flavors of baby food here.  You have the usual fruit flavors, but in the meat section we have chicken, beef, rabbit, and horse, of course! (Yes, we bought a jar of rabbit and fed it to Elena; she liked it)  Bye-Bye Thumper
  • Elena is picking up some sign language pretty quickly.  I have been working on teaching her "more" and "finished".  She will use my hands to sign more by manipulating my hands together.
  • Elena HATES baths (well she hates trying to be held in a sink and held to stand in a shower, since we have no tub)  We decided the shower was going to be the best way so Ezra held her standing up while I bathed her.  She was pitching a fit the whole time and....during this fit....she gave us quite a surprise as she pooped in the shower (grown man size).


  1. The things you experience as parents! :) One book is not big enough to contain it!! Enjoy every moment! I can imagine it is unimaginably busy! It will be sooooo much better when you get home! Praying for you!

  2. I am surprised that you have even had time to document this! :) so glad for you all! Oh and Kelly were you talking about cleaning?! lol :)