Monday, May 2, 2011

Finally an Update

We are so ready to be home!!!   Hopefully, we will be home on Friday. (If you want to know where and when so you can welcome these girls home, shoot me an email and I will email you the details)(kellyreynolds at live dot com).  It has been a very LONG journey but there are 2 little beauties sitting here with me now that have made all the bumps and frustrations worth it. 

Sorry we have not blogged more or had more pictures, but these two are a handful!  They currently have different sleeping, eating, and medication schedules that we are trying to synchronize, plus we are living out of suitcases, plus we are in a country where we don't speak the language.  It makes shopping for *anything* very difficult because there is a lot of guesswork involved.  Is this wheat or oats?  Does this have dairy in it?  Corn?  Rice?  The commodities that are similar (butter, sour cream, bacon, etc.) are all packaged differently than we recognize and are in unfamiliar stores, so we can't just dash in a grab the things we need.  Walking several blocks to/from the store slows up as well.

Juliana has already made some great progress.  She is far more social and expressive than she was two weeks ago or even three days ago.  She has firmly decided that this whole "family" thing is a good idea because she gets held so much more - to the point where she now cries if she is set down for a minute. (Sorry Miss Victoria) Elena has gotten much, much better at pulling herself up and "cruising".  She will be walking very soon.  She is in to EVERYTHING.  She excels at unpacking our luggage.  We were able to give Elena a bath tonight without her completely freaking out (between crawling and spreading food over herself, she gets grungy), but there will be a long road before she takes baths willingly.

Just a note:  I started this post at 8 PM it is now 10 min. to 10 PM :)


  1. Your daughters are so darling! I'm so glad that all the paper work is done and you are heading home soon! Prayers for safe travels. It is great to hear that they are blossoming in a loving family. Best wishes!

  2. The are so precious. I'm sure you are doing a great job... it is very very different shopping there than in the US. Can't wait to see you in June!

  3. So incredibly precious! I'm thrilled for you!

  4. They are just beautiful and it's great to see them in cute, cozy "family" clothes... no more orphanage clothes for them!!!

  5. they are beautiful!! I am so happy to see your family coming together! how sweet! wishing you the best of luck. CONGRATS on the beautiful babies!!

  6. Once you get home and get on a good schedule that works for all of you things will get easier for you guys.
    They are so cute and yes you can see a change in both of their faces in just a few days.
    Thanks for the update.
    Will be praying for a safe trip home on Friday.


  7. The paperwork is almost done. We still have to go through the US Embassy.

  8. Thank you for te update. I'm praying for your safe return home. They both look so much brighter. Very happy!


  9. Hi Kelly and Ezra!
    Friday! Friday! Friday!!
    I was so excited to see Elena in her new outfit - she looks super cute in it!
    I better give you a call before it gets too late - I bet you guys are pooped by the end of the day!

  10. DARLING, they are!!!! SO glad you guys get to come home soon!!! What a joy that must be!!! Safe travels friend! ;)

  11. They are simply gorgeous! Congrats you guys!