Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 7 in country

Today we woke up at 7:30am (12:30 Chattanooga Time; 11:30 Nashville Time), we got showered and breakfasted and finally called our translator to call us a cab at about 8:30 (we are allowed to visit from 9-11:30 and we want all the time they give us).  Well we tried to call our translator.  Our phone was not working.  We thought no big deal; take the battery out and see if that works (it did the last time)  it wouldn't work.  Nope. Try again. Nope.

Ah Ha Skype (buy credits, call translator). nope.  Send text via skype. nope. look up phone company on internet, translate page via google translate, find customer service number.  Call CS (english press 5) Broken english rep., we explain, she 'investigates' (now 9 am), comes back on the line network down until 9:30, no problem you phone.  Ok at least we know and we can wait until 930 and just call then...................................930. call. still not working, repeat 64 times in next 30 minutes (meanwhile Ezra is feeling queasy), still not working. 10am, phone rings and it is our translator.

Sorry I left phone at home got text (from skype), "What is wrong with phone and do you want to go to see children?"  Me: "Yes we want to go, we need a taxi.  The phone says no network"  Translater:"Ok maybe you need to buy minutes" So I explain what CS told us and she said, "Ok, not worry now, I will call taxi and we phone later" Me: "OK, just get me to my girls before our time is up and make sure we have a ride at 1140."

Taxi shows up; he is annoyed we don't speak the language.  We show him the address of the orphanage and ask how much.  28g's which is $3.50. We got to the orphanage at 1030.  No one is in the office we have to get key from and ask for children.  I meander to end of hallway waiting for someone anyone that I can use body language and or my notepad that i had prewritten in their language.

We are late because our phone does not work.  Did not find anyone until 1040.  The motioned for us to go upstairs to the playroom.  We went up, took off our shoes (we learned yesterday not to wear shoes in the playroom), washed our hands (yesterday they made us before handing over the baby; and I appreciated them for that), and waited. There was another couple with a baby in the playroom (They were from this country).

At 1045, baby 'Leigha' arrives.  She smiled when the worker handed her to me.    We had about 10 minutes alone with her before "Aurora" arrived.  She also was all smiles to see us.  We had a nice visit.  'Leigha' smiled alot and blew some bubbles.  'Aurora' was tired so she cuddled a lot more :)

Our translator called at 1130 and told us our taxi was outside waiting on us.  Since no one had yet come to get the girls, I funnily juggled both girls so Ezra could get his shoes on.  We took the girls to their rooms and off we went.  We were sad to leave them but are anxious to go back tomorrow.

I think our phone works again.

Oh yes.  Pictures.


  1. Is there any way you could learn the public bus system? At least in KR, it was really easy once you knew which bus to take. It would save you the $7 a day for a taxi and you would be able to come and go on your own schedule as opposed to having to rely on other people... just a thought!

  2. We learned the bus number. Since our phone was not working today we were too scared to chance it. The orphanage director said the times we could visit were 9-11:30, so that seems OK for us right now.

  3. That's good. And, yes, by "your own schedule" I meant being on time for your visits and leaving whenever they come get your kids from you... You're right, the orphanages are pretty (i.e. very) strict about when they'll let you visit which is why it must be frustrating to miss out on time because of an unreliable phone, taxi driver, etc.
    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. Again, it's hard to hold in the tears! These pictures are GREAT!!! So happy for ya'll!!! We will continue to lift ya'll up in prayer!