Monday, April 18, 2011

Safe in Slovakia

We have landed without problems in Slovakia.   Our friends here are taking very good care of us.

It has been amazing how homesick we have felt after being here.  Trnava looks and feels much the same as Chattanooga does.  It is springtime here and it is awash in flowers.  The trees are green.  The roads do not have huge potholes.  The tap water is drinkable without boiling.  The water is not yellow.  Kelly's hair doesn't have gunk in it after washing in the water.  We haven't seen one person yet drive up on the sidewalk.  Everywhere we look there is color. 

Oh, the color!  Slovakia and Prague (Czech Republic).  There are flowers and trees everywhere!  Even the buildings are pretty!  We have been too long in a land of nothing but grey.

Tomorrow we will be visiting some schools and talking to parents of special needs children.

Tonight at dinner, one of our friends tried to say "children with disabilities" but it came out "children with possibilities" instead.   There is so much truth in this slip of the tongue!  We like her way better.


  1. Oh!! Pictures of my old stomping ground! Seeing that church makes me kind of tear up. So glad y'all are being taken care of over there.

  2. I like that better too Children with possibilities. The pictures are gorgeous. Only 6 days and a wake up. I'm sure time is going slow for you but not much longer. Praying for y'all!

  3. So glad you are you all are in Slovakia safe and sound and enjoying your time! It truly is beautiful there! Enjoy it! I am sure your excitement is really building! You will be home before you know it with two beautiful babies!

  4. Glad to see that you made it safely!! Hurry back! :)