Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Cryophobia: A persistent fear of cold, including cold weather and cold objects. Sufferers from cryophobia experience anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational. To avoid cold, they may live in a warm climate, dress more warmly than necessary, stay indoors on cold days, and avoid cold foods and ice cubes.

This word helps me to understand a puzzlement about Europe in general.  Kelly and I are from the South of the USA.  We are prone to complain that it a bit nippy if temperatures drop much past 40°F / 4°C.  We wear jackets if it is chilly or windy.  We don't wear jackets if it is not cold.  When we were in CapitalCity, it had warmed up to about 68°F / 20°C.  The ladies started wearing miniskirts (because of the warm weather), but everyone still wore super-heavy winter coats.  We have brought light jackets this trip and more often than not been too warm (especially when inside).  We have been confused - we would have thought that people used to a colder climate would be the ones with less insulation and we would be the ones bundled up.  People have repeatedly asked us if we were too cold and been upset that we would freeze to death.  This also helps to explain the European aversion to ice in drinks (and the affinity for fizzy drinks served warm). 


Today at the orphanage we picked up "Leigha" first.  The temperature was 46°F / 8°C - we appreciated our jackets, but we certainly didn't need more than that.  The nursery worker suggested we go outdoors with her, which seemed a fine idea.  They dressed her in a fleece onesie and a cap.  They then put her in a hooded snowsuit (that had arms and legs).  She had warm shoes put on her feet.  She was then placed inside yet another snowsuit with no legs and more insulation for babies.  Yes, Virginia, there is a baby in there somewhere.  While we smile at (to our viewpoint) the exaggerated overdressing (even for a baby), we know they are doing it to keep our little one safe and warm.

The playground for this orphanage is very nice.  We have continually been impressed by the facilities at this orphanage and the way the staff interact with the children.  Here are some pictures of the playground equipment:

Play Center and Slides

Swings and climbing ladders


Table, play house, seesaw, swing

Stage / Stair trainer
Later "Aurora" came out, and soon several of the other classes (including "Aurora's") were outside and enjoying the day.  Children too small or unable to walk were pushed in strollers by the workers.  We saw several other "Reese's Rainbow" children on the playground today.  It was a relatively short visit - we arrived a couple minutes late, "Aurora" was brought out late, and they collected the children a bit early - but it was a good visit.  We couldn't interact with the children as much because we were pushing them in strollers, but they had a good time and it was our first chance to interact with them outside.  "Aurora" was very impatient when we weren't pushing her fast enough.  She knew to jerk forward in the stroller and was propelling herself a couple inches at a time.  "Leigha" slept most of the time.  She ate breakfast right before we went outside, and a full tummy equals a sleepy baby.

Too Cute!

We put "Aurora" down the slide a few times.  She was not sure about the slide.  She didn't seem upset or scared, but she wasn't smiling or excited either.  


  1. Completely off the wall question but are you at orphanage 31?!?! There are 2 babies listed on the RR. Their names are Sanders {DOB Sept 2010} and Rhett {DOB Nov 2010}. Have you seen them? Can you get any info? My email is

  2. Yes, we are at 31. We have not seen those children yet but we are on the lookout.

  3. The snowsuits on Leigha brings back memories of how we dressed Shawn when we lived in Germany. He was 18 months old when we returned to the states. I think I might even still have some of the snowsuits. Keep the info and pictures coming it makes my day being able to read your blogs! CAN'T WAIT TO MEET Erza and the sweet babies and of course see you in June!

    Love & Prayers are being sent your way!

  4. Laughed out loud as I read your description of cryophobia... So true!!!
    Your girls are adorable as always :)

  5. I know the snow suits are funny. The girls are gorgeous! Artem hated cold and wind too when he first came home, i think it is because he literally had been so bundled up he had never really felt it, but he loves outside and the wind now. It makes him giggle! Have fun, enjoy! Praying for your court date!~