Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mus Micropoda

We had a good visit with the girls today.  "Leigha" seems to like Ezra more.  Kelly picked her up out of her crib today and she was staring straight through the glass at Ezra.  She is considerably quieter when he has her.  "Aurora" is equally fine with both of us, but since Ezra is often taken by Leigha she gets a lot more "Kelly time".


Last year Kelly and I went to the National Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburgh, TN.  For all y'all in the Tennessee area, this is a great country fair with lots o' tasty vittles.  (This year it is April 30th and May 1th).   If you're interested, here is the website:

Relevant to our current adoption trip?  Yes.  It has rained now for two days straight.  When we went to the cornbread festival last year, it was threatening to rain and so we stopped at a store and bought two ponchos to keep the rain off of us.  When packing for our adoption trip, we brought the ponchos because they work well and pack very light.  Today when we got back from playing with the girls we went to lunch.  We wore our ponchos to keep from getting wet.  Unintentionally (on our part) the colors of ponchos that we grabbed off the shelf last year, long before we ever even thought about adoption, turn out to be the national colors of this country.  We still stuck out like sore thumbs (our ponchos are very bright), but we did see three other people (all of them old women) wearing poncho-like rain coverings.

We ate lunch at Chelsea cafe.  It was very good food also.  Kelly's entree was "the best we have had the entire trip".  Ezra's was not as good as what he had yesterday at Fresh Cafe.  A very good meal regardless.

The menu had English translations of each dish below the main heading.  It was very choppy English, but it was understandable.  In the "Garnish" (side dish) section was one exception: "Complex Side Dish" was all the description that was given.  Of course, Ezra ordered it just to satisfy his curiosity.  It turned out to be three different vegetables, each served inside a slice of bell pepper.  It was a very pretty presentation.

When we were leaving the orphanage, we saw a mus micropoda in the hallway.  Kelly screamed and jumped and squeezed Ezra's arm to mush.   Oh the horror!!!

Its version:  As I was going about my business I was nearly trampled to death by two towering giants!  I barely escaped!!!  Oh the horror!!!


"Aurora" liked her combination teether/rattle we bought her.

Ezra holding "Leigha's" foot.  So tiny!

"Aurora" stealing Ezra's pen


Beef Stroganoff (tasted like BBQ made with strip steak)  with "Complex Side Dish"

Chicken with apple and pomegranate and pineapple, potatoes with mushroom and cheese


  1. They are just so adorable, and you all look so natural together. Prayig things continue to go smoothly!

  2. not sure if you saw this but I am sure you need to know-here is a link with the current sitzie there in country: