Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodbye for a moment

We had a nice visit with the girls today.

Since the court has accepted our petitions, we now get to unveil the new names - no more aliases.

"Aurora's" name is Elena Joy   (ell ay na).
"Leigha's" name is Juliana Beth (Julie aaah na)

There is a 10-day waiting period until the decision of the court can be received (and we can move forward with more paperwork so that we can actually take the children home with us).  During that time, we are going to visit our friends in Slovakia and work with some of their special-needs schoolchildren.

This means that we are going to be separated from our girls for 9 days (since we saw them today).  Oh, how it tugs at our hearts!  We hate having to leave them.  We have grown so attached to them these last sixteen days.   They are both cuddlebugs.  They have both grown more social in this short while, especially Juliana.  She is getting much better at holding her head up to look around.  We fed Elena some baby food again today.  She sits very still and eats very neatly when it is just her.  When we had to feed her in her classroom she was all over the place - I think she was worried about her classmates eating her food.

When we picked up Juliana today, they put a cap on her and then wrapped her like a burrito in a blanket on the off chance that she might freeze to death in the 85°F playroom.  Kelly and I have both been sweltering - both indoors, and outdoors (when we wear only light jackets).

We don't know when we will have internet again.  We will post updates as we are able.

Here are a couple pics from yesterday of babies in carriers. The rest are from today.

Ezra, Kelly, Elena (who is actually laughing), Juliana


  1. Ahhh, so precious! I LOVE their names! Especially Elena Joy-our second oldest's name is Elliana Joy. She is a very special little girl. I especially LOVE the meaning of her name-"My God has answered me." We'll be praying for you as you are away! I am sure it is hard to say good-bye!

  2. Beautiful names, beautiful girls

  3. I am so excited for y'all. Can't wait to meet the girls and Ezra in June. Praying that the 9 days without your girls will fly by and before you know it you will be on your way to Tennessee with your new family. I love the names that you have chosen for these precious girls.

  4. The smiles on yours and Ezra's faces are priceless. I love this photo so much! Hope the time in Slovakia is productive and flies by for you! Kelly, all of this is just so crazy cool. I can't even put into words how happy I am for you.

  5. LOOK at that beautiful family picture!!! YAY!!!

  6. You are the most beautiful family. The girls are so blessed to have you as their parents, but you are more blessed to have them. Can't wait til you are back in TN.

  7. We miss you guys - the playroom was way too quiet today!!! Hope you have a great visit in Slovakia. We are looking forward to your return and seeing your girls again!
    Take care and safe travels!

  8. congrats guys!!! you have a beautiful family..God bless

  9. Love, love, love!!!! THRILLED for you their names and can't wait to hear that you are heading home with them! ;)