Monday, April 4, 2011

Ground Hog Day #4

In the adoption circles, we are experiencing what is known as "Groundhog Day".  Like the movie Groundhog Day - we follow the same routine every day.  We get up, we go see the girls, we come back, we eat lunch, we post blogs on the internet, we eat dinner, we go to sleep.  The next day we do it all again.

"Aurora's" room was finishing breakfast when we arrived.  Her room looks very much like a school classroom in the states.  There is a good ratio of adults to children.  Several of the other cuties from Reece's Rainbow (featured on the page below) were there (Hey ya'll these kids need families..... hint, hint):

We spent thirty minutes with "Leigha" by herself (Kelly got to feed her a bottle) and then another two hours with both of them.  "Aurora" had fun playing with a toy drum and a ball.  Both girls snuggled a lot.  "Aurora" (when she wasn't snuggling) was crawling around the room.  She is quite fast and we will certainly have our hands full keeping up with her once we get her home.

 Nobody says "Awww" over what I write.  Everyone just wants to see cute pictures of the babies.  Here you go.



  1. I certainly can't wait to meet them, Kelly! They are beyond perfect! Little miracles indeed!

  2. AWWW! BEAUTIFUL GIRLS - we are so happy for you!

  3. Your girls are so Beautiful!!