Saturday, April 2, 2011

Visit Number Two

We got to visit the girls again today.  We called our facilitator Violetta and she arranged for the taxi to be at our door.  The driver had a hard time finding the orphanage and had to stop and ask directions.

When we got to the orphanage, Kelly and I strolled around a little outside (we were early).   Once inside, they lead us upstairs to the play room.  We have been very impressed with this orphanage.  The orphanage has gotten national recognition for doing a good job.  The staff all seem to be very involved with the children. All the staff interactions with the children (that we have seen) have been good.  Here is the play room:

This is our second visit with the girls.  Already they are much more friendly around us than they were yesterday.  "Leigha" smiled and tried to talk to us some.  "Aurora" was hugging and smiling and playing.  The sad thing - we learned yesterday that we were the first visitors these girls have had.  Some of the children have family that visit them on weekends or such - but not these two.

"Leigha" likes to be snuggled close but so that she can see your face.  We didn't get to spend too much time with her.  We had her about 45 minutes and then they took her away for food and sleeping.  She doesn't "do" much yet - she mainly spends her time looking, with some babbling and arm wiggling.

"Aurora" is a gadget girl from the start.   She loved our Playsport video camera and went after it every time she saw it out.  We accidentally took about 30 minutes of video of the inside of our pockets because we would accidentally hit the "Record" button when hiding it in our pockets to keep it away from her.

I think all the extra stimulation wore her out.  She was very much trying to go to sleep (a no-no, since she is on a schedule) before her lunchtime.  The nurse took her for lunch (leaving us by ourselves), but then brought her back once she had finished eating.  

After lunch, she wanted even more to sleep and so we got in a lot more cuddle time than we were able to have before lunch.  We still did not let her sleep, but she was much more sedate and just wanting to snuggle, whereas before lunch it was crawl-around-getting-into-everything. 

Such a cutie!

And.... here is a video (one of each) to finish things off for the day. 


  1. You both look so happy! I'm so happy for y'all and can't wait to meet them! Praying everything continues to go smoothly.

  2. Both girls are stunning... and that playroom is amazing!

  3. they are both so beautiful!! good luck!

  4. you are all so beautiful, i am crying

  5. beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  6. It's so hard to hold in the tears! I love the pictures and videos and smiles on your faces. :)

  7. They are precious! You guys are natural parents. I'm so excited to see what more God is gonna do thru you guys!