Friday, April 8, 2011

Groundhog Day #8

Our daily routine - get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, see girls, come back.

We had a good visit with the girls today.  They both seemed to be in a good mood today.  There was another couple in the playroom today.  They were from Spain and were also adopting a child.

Eight days ago our girls were just names and photos to us.  It is funny to think how incredibly more they have become in just a few days.  Pictures don't try and steal your glasses.  Names don't go to sleep on your chest.  It is this feeling - of wanting good things for them, to protect them, to encourage them, to let them see the wonders present in everything - that is the feeling of a parent that is developing.

For lunch we ate at the Fresh Cafe.  It was recommended to us by another Reece's Rainbow family that was here before.  We were wandering around the downtown and we saw it.  The food here is actually some of the best we have had in country.  As a whole, much of the food here is on the bland side.  We have been really glad we packed garlic powder and cayenne pepper and some Mrs. Dash for our in-apartment cooking.  Both of our lunches were very flavorful and delicious.  They have an English menu available, which helps also. 



  1. They aren't just two of thousands of children in desperate need of parents to love them. They are the two special ones God has placed in your path for YOU to love...And you do. It's such a natural thing to love them, isn't it? I don't know if I would be as courageous as you two. I had five but I didn't have to daily "choose" to be their parents even with all these challenges. They were mine at conception no matter what--it didn't take that kind of courage. This is an awesome and beautiful thing.
    I'm sure Aunt Tammy can't wait to spoil these two like she has all her first generation nieces and nephews. And especially since I don't have any g-kids of my own yet, I can't wait to spoil them a little myself!!!

    Love you guys! I'm praying for your court appearance.

  2. the girls are both so beautiful! I am beyond happy for you all !
    Maria :)

  3. I went to make a donation to Isabelle and she is not on RR and the link you posted a few days back does not work. I wonder what happened

  4. Isabelle is no longer listed with Reece's Rainbow (apparently doesn't have special needs)

  5. Such dolls!! I am hoping to go to this exact orphanage in a couple of months for "Cliff". He is 1 now perhaps maybe you have seen him?? Good luck at court and can't wait to hear you announce them officially as yours!

  6. precious, precious little muffins! what angels! can't wait to see two more RR angels HOME!!