Thursday, April 14, 2011

A good way to carry the babies

We tried out our baby slings today.  Corrie gave us these two slings at the Atlanta airport when we left.  They work great!   The children fit nicely into the slings.  "Leigha" in particular loves to be snuggled close and was great in the sling.  We want the girls used to it before we have to actually carry them in it.  With the two slings, one of us can actually carry both babies at once!

We also fed the girls some more baby food.  "Aurora" ate very neatly (in comparison to how we have seen her eat before).  "Leigha" made some nice faces at the little bit of baby food we gave her (see video below).



  1. You crazy baby slingers! Better than gun slingers!

  2. May I also add that the picture of me with the girls on 'Aurora' does not look happy. No fear she was. She loved being in it, just a bad shot I guess.

  3. Yay!! So, glad they are working for you! This is how I climbed Stone Mountain several times- one in the front, one in the back! (It's what keeps me balanced :)). It works really great! I never had a baby that didn't like to be carried like that! Praying they will get to like it! Especially praying for you tomorrow morning! God is faithful!!

  4. Hehehe She looks like she is saying "Seriously? You put me in THIS thing?!" hehe Too cute!!

  5. Hello! That is amazing you may need to give me pointers:) I'm so glad you have seen Blake. That makes me feel so much better. Piper's name there is Maeve (though you probably already know that:)

    Keep an eye out for her. I haven't heard anything since Thanksgiving...that is a long time:)

    I do have some questions about things. Like his size and how to buy clothes as we are staying the enitre time just stuff mommy's worry about. I know you are busy but if you have time and would email me at