Sunday, June 23, 2013

Visiting Andrew

Here our pictures from visiting Andrew. Sadly, we can not visit Katerina on the weekends.

One of Andrew's supporters sent him a toy.  We thought it would be fun for him - it has a drum, and sliders, and a cymbal.  The first time he saw it, he was terrified.  And the second....  and the third....  and the fourth... Little by little we have introduced the toy to him.  He is no longer scared of it.  He now enjoys playing with the toy.  Life would be very difficult in America if he is scared of toys.

He loves playing on the tablet.  His accuracy is improving.  He especially likes watching Taylor Swift.

Andrew continues to improve in sitting up.  He has also getting much better at holding on to us with one arm.  He is making more and more "babble" talking sounds the longer we have been with him.


  1. Sweet sweet photos. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing him home with all his sisters.


  2. Love looking at these pictures. So glad Andrew is part of your family. He looks like he belongs.