Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The calm before the chase

We sat and watched the cars again today.  Andrew made the "tbbtbthhht" noise when he saw a car.  One time I was not paying attention and he said "tbbttbbtt" - yep, there was a car that he had spotted.

He especially liked the yellow city buses.  He started saying "buh" when he saw a bus (or also a delivery van), but not saying it with small cars. 

Tomorrow we start the paper chase - racing all over town doing paperwork.  Hopefully "Gotcha" day will be soon.
Here Andrew is practicing the dance move "The Sprinkler". Sadly, we are not making this dance move up.

Many of the trees at the orphanage look like they have eyes. "Hooom,  Hoooom". 

Here he is raising his arm for Daddy to kiss it.  Daddy has no problems with it. 

He turned his hat sideways all by himself.

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