Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The best presents are those.....

 ...  that you make yourself.    "Bowen" marked his territory with Kelly today.

Here's a flower!

"Bowen" is back in the orphanage.   Yay!

We let him play in the sandbox.  He had great fun scooping the sand out.

We met with his two godmothers.  It is very encouraging to meet with them.  There is an entire network of people who have been helping buy clothes and food for him.  They have been praying for him and helping him when he has been sick.  It has made such a difference in his life.   He can't fight for himself yet.  He can not advocate for himself.  There is a world of difference between him and our daughters when we brought them home; no one advocated for them.  We are very grateful for all the work that people have put into this child long before we were involved in the adoption process.

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  1. I have been following your story both here and on Facebook. Bless you and your family.