Thursday, June 13, 2013

Court Date

Last Saturday I went to visit "Bowen" and was told he was in the hospital with a fever and a sore throat, but they expected him back on Monday.

Monday I was told he would be back by Tuesday.
Tuesday I was told he would be back by Wednesday.
Wednesday I was told he would be back by Thursday.

Today (Thursday) I was told he would be back by Friday.  "He is getting better".  We'll see.

 Nobody is allowed to visit him.  This is the difficulty of  "in between" parenting - we haven't had court yet, but we've gotten attached to him and think of him like he is "ours" - but we have no parental rights (because we aren't parents).

We'll hope I can visit him tomorrow.


Instead of visiting both children this week (see above) I have just been visiting "Rini".  She is sitting with me a lot longer lights up when I come in the room.  Today her class (and her) were shuffled off to lunch and she was mad that she hadn't given me a bye-bye kiss (she had worked in a couple kisses before, including the just-ate-a-lollipop-sticky-kiss).

We are tight lipped about her based on the advice we've been given.


On a brighter note, we did get a court date of June 21st!  Only another week to go......

well, more than that.... but a week until our next milestone.

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  1. That would be so frustrating! I hope he feels better soon! Can't wait to hear about Rini!