Sunday, June 16, 2013

Symphony ala "Bowen"

I finally got to visit "Bowen" again. He is still in the hospital, still running a fever, but otherwise he seemed to be fine. I also got to meet one of his godmothers. It was a long visit, which was great because it has been eight days since I have seen him. He found a window that rattled nicely when he banged on it. I am trying to give him lots of textures and noises to explore.

 Please note, all anime fans, that this kid is a natural chibi.  You may start squealing now.

I really like this picture - he is looking towards the outside, towards freedom.

If he were any cuter the camera would malfunction.


  1. SOOOOO glad you got to visit him! I've been praying for him to get well - so worried about him being alone (mostly alone/away from you) at the hospital. And you are so right - any cuter and the camera (and the internet) could not handle it! He's a DOLL!!! :-)

  2. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! and talented too.