Friday, June 7, 2013

Playing Ball

When we first met "Bowen" we tried to get him to play with toys; we tried to get him to play ball with us.  He flopped (didn't sit yet) and cried because he could not move objects - the frustration was very evident. 

We have been using the prosthetics with him most days, but not every time.  Today was one of the "off" days.  It has been amazing to watch his development.  He now knows that he can move objects with his prosthetics.  More importantly, he has realized that he can also move objects with the limbs he has - this is a huge and awesome development.  He has been a busy boy exploring things and feeling their texture (as well as he can dressed in multiple layers) and listening to the sounds they make when struck.

Today I played ball with him - no prosthetics.  He is able to catch the ball between his legs like a pincher; then squeeze his legs together more to pop the ball loose in my direction.  He can also pin the ball with his left arm (the longer of the two), then swat the ball with one/both arms to send it flying.  He understands the concept of the game as well, and we had fun today passing the ball back and forth.

He also had great fun playing with his truck and the train car - again, no prosthetics.  He would push the truck around and go "thbbbbbbbbb" with his tongue.  Yes, it is a lot more work for him to push the truck with his tiny arms than it is for him to use his prosthetic.....   but it is a lot more important that he realize that he can do these things by himself.


Kelly had some family emergencies come up and is flying back to the USA for a week.  We don't have our court date yet but have been told it will not be sooner than the 17th.  The good news is that she will get to squeeze our babies.  This will be good for the babies as well as her.  The bad news is this is the farthest apart we have been since we were married....  and she is still in the country (her flight leaves tomorrow).


We are in the process of adopting another child as well.  We have been cautioned against sharing photos or information even more than normal.  We would have the same court date - it should not delay us.  She is a girl, age 6, Down Syndrome.  Her alias at the moment will be "Rini".  She is very smart.  She is picking up English and sign language very fast.  Personality-wise, she is very similar to Elena. 


  1. So exciting. Is that what the extra trip to the Capital was for? I was wondering about that.

  2. Yes, you guys are keeping us guessing!
    Kelly, I hope you are doing ok and getting a chance to squeeze the girls lots and lots :) And Ezra, I hope your groundhog days go quickly - I bet that is extra tough all by yourself.
    Thanks for posting a "hatless" photo - he is just too, too, too - way too - cute!
    And thank you again for sharing your journey. You have touched so many lives, here in the U.S. and over there, too. I know that you have many praying for you and thinking of your family.
    Hang in there - we're rooting for you!!!

  3. Aw, congratulations! You guys seem like such wonderful parents! I wish you nothing but the best with your two new little ones!