Saturday, June 1, 2013

Catching up

It has been a couple days since our last update.  We only now got Internet again.   We are staying with a wonderful family in this city.  They have heard about our adoption of "Bowen" and want to help.  They wanted us to be happy here so they even ordered Internet so we could talk to our girls and Kelly take her online classes.  They have made sure we are not hungry.  We are deeply touched by the lavish attention they have given us.


Many of the pictures of "Bowen" will seem to be the same.  There are not many toys in the room that he likes.  Most of the toys are plushes, which he doesn't like.  He doesn't like two of the cars; one is missing wheels and the other scares him.  We have been given a toy by one of the supporters in this country and we will see how he does with it.  Like most orphanages, they have "the outfit" a child wears while visiting with parents - same child, same toys, same clothing, same pose....

He is very happy when he sees us.  He talks to us more.  He sits up very well and has a lot of fun drawing and using his prosthetic.

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  1. Hopefully they will let you trade an outfit for his so that you can keep it when you take him home. And I could never quite figure out the overabundance of stuffed animals - especially the giant ones. Bowen is just so cute, and so bright-eyed! I bet with the right tools, he'll be moving as fast as lightning! Imagine the awesome chaos coming soon to your home - so cool (as Gerry would say)!