Tuesday, May 21, 2013

These are pictures of our apartment.  The apartment is very nice.  Like many Soviet-era apartment buildings, the building itself is crumbling away.  The elevator buttons have long since fallen off and have been replaced with other buttons.  Our flat is on the 6th floor, cleverly labeled "11".

The camera flash actually makes things look a lot better.  It is much grimier and much less well-lit in person.

And then to contrast - here are pictures of the apartment.





We leave in a few moments to for a late-night train ride to our region.


  1. You are in our prayers,
    May our Lord bless you with a smooth process
    Thank you for taking the time to share

    Ines and Willy Wallace

  2. I've been following along but have never commented. Wow- that is a fancy apartment!!! I'm so happy for your family and "Bowen"! I've been praying for you guys and him and am so happy to see you together!