Friday, May 24, 2013

2nd Day

The orphanage allows us to to visit twice per day.  When we went in the morning, we caught the right bus, but in the wrong direction.  We had a very nice tour of the city before getting to the orphanage and it only cost us an hour delay.

We went for a walk with "Bowen" in a stroller around the grounds. He enjoyed the fresh air and loved going for a ride.  We fed "Bowen" some apricot baby food.  He eats very neatly.

Ezra spent the afternoon studying bus routes and our afternoon trip was much easier.  It was raining, so we did not go on another walk.  Instead, we stayed inside and worked with him on balance.  When we saw Bowen yesterday, he was unable to sit up by himself (both on the medical report and in actuality).  We immediately began working with him in the veranda/playroom, balancing him on balls and helping him learn to support himself.  We did the same thing this morning.

By this afternoon, he was sitting very well by himself for long periods (fifteen minutes).  He was good at shifting his balance around to stay stable even when playing with toys.  We suspect they have been working on his sitting also; a nurse came in and saw him sitting and did not seem surprised by it.

In a similar manner, when we first met him he seemed angry that he could not play with toys like a ball.  We have been showing him how he can play with a ball with his arms and legs.   We attached toy rattles to his sleeves.  He had a grand time making noise by moving his arms.

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  1. I'm truly humbled at your amazing parenting skills! You truly have a heart and a knack for knowing exactly what all of your kids need! Enjoy your time getting to know your little man, and I pray you have a safe flight home. I'm sure his sisters can't wait to meet him.