Thursday, May 16, 2013


Our time runs short.  We are at the day and a half point.  We no longer count days; now we are counting hours.    It is so different this time.  Last time, it was just us going.  We packed our many many bags and headed out.

This time, it is still just us going.  We haven't packed as we wanted because our little helpers unpack the bags for us.  This time, we leave half our hearts behind; we have never been away from our girls this long.  This time, we pack much lighter - yet we are yet more unprepared.

The inescapable question is "Why?   Why adopt more children?   Don't you know children are expensive?"

We know children are expensive little life-altering bundles of joy (and also poop, as we have been constantly reminded).   The inescapable answer is that these children need families.  These orphans need someone to love them.  They need someone to look out for them and sing songs with them and read to them and to be invested in their lives.  So many of these children are languishing in the auspices of the orphanage and the institution.  How can we turn a blind eye to their plight?  We can not say "these children need families" and yet be unwilling to serve in this way.  Empty platitudes are no comfort to empty tummies and empty arms.

The time is so short.  


  1. God bless you and keep you safe in your travels as you bring your little guy home!

  2. Thank you for sharing your adoption journey.
    You and your family are in our prayers,
    God bless,
    Ines and Willy Wallace

  3. Thinking of you two. Praying that you will be home to your girls as soon as possible.