Sunday, May 26, 2013

Days Three and Four

Nothing terribly noteworthy these past two days.

We went on a walk with "Bowen" today (he rode in the stroller).  He lasted about 10 minutes and went straight to sleep.

The orphanage has lots of greenery.  Many of the irises are in bloom.  It is a lovely place to visit.  This morning when we visited the older children were singing "Alleluia" with some adults.  The feel of this orphanage is very relaxed.  The nurses seem very happy the "Bowen" is finding a home.  The other children we have seen all look to be in good condition.  The staff:children ratio is very good and the whole feel of the orphanage is much better than the one we  were at last time.

Tonight "Bowen" used his $3.50 prosthetic the whole evening.  He has gotten very good with it.  He moved a truck back and forth precisely, even flipping it over and righting it again.  He enjoyed playing with many of the toys in the play room with new arm.  Even though I made two prosthetics, so far he is only comfortable with one at a time.  However, his experience using the prosthetic has shown him how to play with toys and manipulate objects.  He is leaning down to play with toys, and combining his prosthetic on one side with his arm on the other to play with things "two-handed".  His accuracy has improved enough that he wanted to play with a matchbox car.  The car's small size made it hard for him to move it with his prosthetic - a challenge that he wanted.  He was studying the problem very intently and improving his skill at moving the little car.  The prosthetic came loose several times during the evening (I don't want to make it too tight), and he held it up and looked at me, communicating "fix it".

He also understands choices.  We asked him several times in the course of the evening to pick a toy or an activity and he would look at or point to the desired activity.

Also, here are some pictures of the flowers.

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