Friday, May 24, 2013

National News

Today we were playing with "Bowen" when the national news media showed up.  They interviewed us for about an hour and took a lot of video.  The spot aired later this afternoon.  Yes there is a link to the video; we will post it once we are cleared to post pictures.

We had no warning about this; we wish we had had advance notice so that we could make ourselves more presentable.  We also thought it was just a local news crew - we were wrong, it was NATIONAL.  We got phone calls from our facilitators in the capital - they saw us on TV.  Nothing encourages humility more than suddenly being thrust into the national spotlight. 

We had attached a marker to his arm with rubber bands.  "Bowen" had great fun coloring on a notebook we had brought.  He also had great fun coloring on Ezra (who was holding the notebook).

 On our evening visit, we tried "Bowen" out with a prosthetic arm we had made the night before from a trip to the supermarket.  One potholder + one wooden spoon + a package of badminton birdies + string + duct tape +  rubber bands = about $3.50 USD to make.  He had great fun with it.  He was able to hit balls around the veranda.  He was also able to move a toy train around and play percussion.  More importantly. it allows him to manipulate objects that are further away.   He is very smart and learned how to use his extension very quickly.  We tried it with him this morning before the news crew arrived, but he did not want to use it then.

We had dinner and a nice conversation with V.  She is the instigator of advocacy for "Bowen".  It was she who got the ball rolling and raised a tremendous amount of support for him, keeping him in the public spotlight so that people knew about him and he would not be forgotten.  She has people all over multiple countries praying for him and helping send supplies such as diapers and food.  We are very touched to hear about the hard work and striving that has happened before we were in the picture at all.


  1. Wow, this is amazing!! But talk about nerve-wracking! I can remember that it was bad enough worrying about saying or doing the wrong thing, without being on national tv - yikes! I'm sure you guys did great, and hopefully lots of people will see your interview and will now know what a blessing these kiddos are to everyone. It would be neat to find a copy of the broadcast! Take care!

  2. Also, awesome prosthetic for $3.50!!!! His life is going to be so different from now on - opportunities abound! :)

  3. Oh my goodness...ALMOST no words! (I said almost.) Kelly & Ezra, you bless my heart. I can't even imagine doing this but yet you use your creative gifts in teaching and "inventing" and your calling to give these children a loving home. I'm amazed at what you have accomplished and so excited that a little bit of your story was shared there so that they can see other children like "Bowen" are lovable and worthy of a good home. I'm so excited for you and for "Bowen." And I'm very blessed to be his and the girls' great aunt! Prayers continually follow you in all your travels and paperwork. Much love!