Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pneuma NOOOO!

Juliana got her breathing tube taken out today, she is now on oxygen through the nose.  She also got her PA line taken out (basically a big IV in her right wrist).  We are hoping tomorrow they will take out her central line and chest tube.  Those are some BIG goals.  Last night she had a fever so they drew some cultures but won't have the result until tomorrow.  She spiked again while I was eating dinner back at the Ronald McDonald House.  They went ahead and gave her some antibiotics until they get those cultures back.  She is pretty congested.  We are just hoping and praying she doesn't have pneumonia.  I don't think she does but know it is a possibility.  She was more awake today but no smiles :(  She went most of the day without pain meds.  But she was getting pretty fussy this evening and they gave her some.  Nothing we did would make her happy.  I can't wait to hold her again.  And I can't wait until she is smiling again.  I think it is harder now seeing her even without all the extra tubes and wires she has had.  She is now awake and frustrated because she can't cough up the stuff in her lungs so we basically have to make her gag so she will cough.  The doctor seems encouraged by how she is looking.  She will probably at least for the time being, go home on Sildenafil (Viagra) and maybe some Lasix.  But that is still too far in the future to know.  Thank you all for your support!



  1. Oh, I hope she doesn't have pneumonia! Praying she gets better and heals quickly. Soon, you will hold her again!

  2. I am so relieved to hear you are at Ronald McDonald House. --Shonda