Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Again

I went up on Friday to visit Kelly and Juliana.  The latest I had heard was that there was a chance that they would go home next Thursday. When I arrived, Kelly told me that the doctors had said that they might go home this weekend!  This was most excellent news!

The news turned out to be accurate.  We spent most of the day Sunday waiting to be discharged. We had all the luggage packed up and ready to go and waited... and waited... and waited.  We were very much hoping that the doctors wouldn't come back and say "oops, we changed our minds".  We did get to leave in the late afternoon.  The drive from Nashville to Chattanooga was very smooth. 

Juliana is still on oxygen, but only a very little amount.  She eats so much faster now.  She babbles more and is a lot more active.  Her incision is healing very nicely.  We had been told to expect three weeks in the hospital - one week in ICU and then two in a room.  We are thrilled that she has healed so fast and is leaving the hospital after only nine days.  We would like to say "thank you" to all the people who have been praying for her recovery.

It is good to be home.  It was good to sleep in our own bed again - Kelly was very sore from sleeping on the bed in the hospital room. It is great to have our little Juliana free from all of her tubes and lines and monitors.  It is so good to be able to hold her (albeit very carefully) and have her go to sleep in my arms.


  1. Oh, what wonderful news to start the week with!! So happy for your little one:)

  2. YAY! Glad you're all back home, and she doing well!

  3. YAY!!! I hope things contine to progress smoothly!! Love & Prayers! Mel

  4. I remember when our (now 16) 2 year old had open heart surgery. Surgery was on a Friday, and on Monday I was chasing him down the halls of the pediatric unit, saying, "Slow down! Slow down!"
    He still had his leads attached, and they were bouncing all over as he ran! Isn't it amazing how quickly they heal after such major surgery? So glad to hear things are going so well!

  5. Kelly could you email us. We are in the same region as you were. We've got a few "fee" questions :)

  6. Hello! You are all wonderfull! Julianna is a great fighter! We we thinkink and praying of all of you. Have a nice time at home together, Kelly, Ezram, Juliana and Elena! Martina and family from Poprad