Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elena's Surgery

Elena had surgery this morning to repair her cleft palate.  Everything went well.  We will be in the hospital for approximately 5 days (until she is off of IV pain medication and is drinking okay).  She so far has had 2 apple juices and part of a grape juice.  She has to drink from a special bottle with a tube instead of a nipple.  I put the tube in her mouth and gently squeeze.  She has her elbows splinted (has knocked them off 5 times so far today) and an IV in her foot.  She is sleeping in her car seat or snuggled in my arms.  She has generally been pretty calm.  We have only had a few episodes of being upset for an extended period of time.  Most of this is when she tries to leap out of my arms to lay on her belly to rest and I can't let her lay down. 

Thank you for all your prayers for our family.  I have felt so need these past few months with funding the adoption and now just support in handling sick babies and hospital stays.  I look forward to moving beyond these surgeries to a more "normal" routine.


  1. Praying for you and her for a quick recovery.

  2. I'll pray these next five days go by very quickly. She's such a lively little thing. I hate to think of her restrained. You're a strong mom and dad to face all that you have already faced in such a short time.
    Love all of you!

  3. My daughter has never had to stay in the hospital for more than 2 days for any of her cleft surgeries. I will be praying that will be the case for you also.