Saturday, January 12, 2013

Elena and Juliana Updates

It has been awhile since an update and lots of cool things are happening in our girls' lives so here goes:

Elena is just so smart and sassy.  Thanks to her awesome teachers at school, she recognizes all of her letters and is attempting to make their sounds.  She is so close to being potty trained and honestly if her parents worked harder at it she probably would be completely potty trained.  She is still quite bossy to her sister but has become a lot sweeter towards her also.  She loves playing with baby dolls.  She will rock them, sing to them and push them in a stroller or shopping cart. She also trys to teach them all the things we are teaching her like washing hands, using the potty, and eating.  She, of course, is very bossy to her baby and tells her all about the things she is not allowed to do, which coincidentally happen to be the same things she gets in trouble for often, like pulling on the blinds.  It is so fun to watch her grow and learn.  I find myself thinking about who she will be in a few more years!

Juliana is still very sweet, but is becoming quite sassy like her sister.  She has definitely learned the word, 'No'!  Of course, not learned as in stopping when hearing it, but mostly in how to say it in protest to what we are asking her to do.  She is no longer on heart medication! Woo-hoo for that!  She knows many signs and says some words.  She finally got some front teeth!  Juliana first got her top molars, then her bottom molars, then 2 front bottom teeth, then 1 front tooth and a second molar on the top right side; now she is finally getting the 2nd top tooth.  You would never have known she was so toothless with the amount she eats and what she eats.  All 23 pounds of that little girl LOVES to eat.  She is also pretty close to being potty trained.  She and her sister love to cheer each other on.
Photo: Running away