Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bath Fun

Elena is helping shampoo her hair

Bath time!
The girls like to eat, hence the girls get at least one bath a day. 

Elena is very close to walking - she takes little steps and is loving it.  Elena is getting more social by the day and loves to be with her parents.  She is starting to cry when we leave her at school or the church nursery, which is a good thing.  She snuggles and cuddles more now and is actually sitting still long enough to read books.  She likes sitting with us at the table and can feed herself very well with a big-girl spoon.

Juliana is scooting all over the place but not actually crawling yet.  Juliana can now raise herself into a sitting position and can sit for about 30 minutes without support. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011


My cousin Jeremy had a wedding.  It was outdoors and a bit hot, but it was a short wedding.  Kelly got to go *dancing*, which was was the highlight of the evening for her.

Elena with her aunt Helen

"I will smite you!!!"      Aaaah!!! Who gave the baby a sword?!?!?    Really - it is just the wedding program / fan on edge to the camera.....  

aunt Helen, Juliana, and aunt Meg

Ezra and Elena dancing

Helen and Elena dancing.  Elena likes to spin around fast.

Kelly and Juliana

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Juliana at school

Since I have good photography skills, Juliana's teacher had me take pictures of all the children in Juliana's room today so that she could use them for "who came to school today" and other activities.  Here is Juliana's picture. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to school....

I am sorry it has been almost a month since the last update.  Life has been hectic, but fun.

The girls started going to school last week.  Kelly and I work at the same place and we can take the girls with us - if we want to check in on them they are just down the hall.  Both girls seem to like it and aren't showing separation anxiety.

I saw one of the girl's passport photo the other day.  I was taken aback - when you are with them every day it is easy to lose track of how far they have come in a short while.

We have played several times in Ezra's parent's neighborhood pool.  Elena has learned that she can't swim yet and can't breathe underwater.  She is loves being in the pool but clings very tightly to her parents (which is a good thing).

We are starting to feed Juliana more cereals and are starting her on vegetables.  Yes, we did get some carrots in her mouth.

The ever-so-rare-both-girls-in-the-same-picture-having-fun shot.
Elena is almost fully recovered from her cleft-palate surgery.  She isn't allowed to eat hard foods yet, but is otherwise on a normal diet.  She has figured out how to use the TV remote control.  She also loves to grab objects, hold them to her ear, and babble non-stop (i.e. using a cell phone).

Juliana is so close to crawling she can taste it.  She can get to objects she wants by rolling over.  She can also bow up like a banana and paddle vigorously with her arms to drag herself where she wants to go.  She hasn't figured out arms and legs at the same time.

One of Elena's teachers at school likes to put her hair in pigtails.  We think she looks super cute!