Sunday, July 7, 2013

Leaving Ternopil

Saturday we had planned to travel from Ternopil to Kiev on the 13:00 (1:00p) train. However, we could not get tickets, so we were switched to the 11:00a  train. This posed many problems as we had told all of Andrew's friends that we were leaving at 13:00.  We were frantically calling people who speak very little English and then passing the phone off to people who spoke Ukrainian.  It was a frantic morning packing - we had suddenly lost a couple of hours.  All of our plans were in disarray.

Andrew's grandfather had agreed to pick us up and take us to the train station.  Maria had one of her friends (who had a van) bring us to the train station instead.

We made it to the train station on time and got our tickets. Five minutes before the train arrived, Andrew's godmother and godfather arrived. They brought us many gifts. The train arrived, and they helped us onto the train.

The next part only happens in movies. Three minutes before the train left, Andrew's other godmother arrived. She is very attached to Andrew. She ran onto the train and held kissed us all goodbye. It was a very tearful goodbye.  We are glad that she was able to say goodbye - she would have been hurt the most about not getting to say goodbye.  She and her mother had stayed up all night sewing a picture for us.  We are very touched by all the love and support they have shown us.  

 We stood at the window and Andrew waved "goodbye". Katerina waved goodbye also. We cried; they cried. It was a sad goodbye. We leave good friends behind. We have been blown away by the generosity and hospitality we have found in Ternopil.  We are very grateful for all the help we have received in Ternopil. We are thankful that so many people have loved Andrew and Katerina.

It is such a stark contrast to last time. When we left Lugasnk with Elena and Juliana - there was no sendoff. There wasn't anyone in the town that actually cared about those little girls.
Juliana and Elena have enjoyed talking with their new siblings over Skype in the last few days.

We have arrived safe in Kiev.

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  1. Oh goodness, how emotional! Happy to hear you are safely getting on your travels back to home.