Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gotcha Day #2

Today was Gotcha Day for Andrew.   He is out of the orphanage for good!

He was terrified when the car started up.  He was terrified when it started moving.  Fortunately, he got over this quickly and even started fussing when we stopped at a red light.

Katerina started the day by moping.  She has a lot of friends in the Institution and misses them a bunch.  She was depressed and clingy the whole day, but we started seeing her lively self again around dinner.

Today was a paperwork day.  We started paperwork around 10:00a - and we did not get back home until around 8:30pm (then dinner).  We spent huge amounts of the day waiting as our facilitator argued with people about the forms we needed to fill out.  There have not been many adoptions here.  At one point, there were five people clustered around the table trying to decide what needed to be filled out.  Our day was more or less composed of walking and waiting.  We did manage to poke some food and water in the children during the day but we really didn't get anything ourselves.

This is one of those days where there is no time to eat or go to the bathroom.

We finally got home.  Katerina ate four bowls of borscht.  Andrew drank three bottle of baby tea and a half bowl of borscht.  Everyone was exhausted and hungry and thirsty!  The children went straight to sleep after their bellies were full.

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  1. God is Awesome!!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey!
    You are in our prayers....for a prompt return home!!!

    Ines Wallace