Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lunch at the Fat Tummy

We took a long walk through the city today.  It does give one a dose of perspective to be in a land full of people speaking a different language.  Even the written language is unfamiliar.  While we can sound it out, it is like we are five years old and learning to read again.  The culture is not completely alien (it is still "The West") - there are plenty of pop icons and companies and so forth that we recognize.  For instance, we saw Papa John's pizza, TGI Friday, and of course, McDonald's.  There are more street vendors and stalls than I am used to, but even these have a lot of American culture for sale - Cosmopolitan and Newsweek and Winston cigarettes et al.

We didn't come all this way for a McDonald's.  We actually found a restaurant Niko recommended and ate there.  It is about 20 blocks away from our apartment.

Niko said it means "Fat Tummy" or "Full Belly" or something like that.  It is a cafeteria, not substantially different from Piccadilly's or something.  The food was good - I had sliced beets and a grated carrot/parsnip salad.  I also had a chicken /mushroom dish that was similar to an omelet.  Kelly had cabbage rolls stuffed with meat and what tasted like a savory cheesecake (no sugar).

It was a good adventure to walk there and back again.


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  2. We are praying for ya'll!!! Can't wait to hear more. :)