Friday, December 7, 2012

... or not ...

Today we learned that an Italian family is OverThere and in the process  of adopting the brothers.  We knew from the beginning that this is a possibility.  We are not hurt by this. Do not be sorry for us or for them. 

Instead PRAISE GOD, that now that they have a family - and we can begin looking anew.  We got into this because we felt led to adopt and while they were on my heart, obviously my purpose in their lives was to pray for them to find a family. He has called some to sow, some to reap, and some to harvest. 


  1. I'm NOT sorry for them because they need a family sooner rather than later but I am sorry for you guys. I'm sorry for ME too. I wanted to see the boys get out on Gotcha Day!! Phooey!! I bet the Italian family doesn't have a blog!! Regardless.... Praising God that you have your eyes fixed on HIM.

  2. Julia said it all so well so no sense trying to reword it. :)

    May I also suggest sweet Kurt? That he still waits boggles my mind.


  3. I am just a stranger who came across your blog, but I firmly believe that your children are out there waiting for you. I pray that God will lead you to them soon! Praise the Lord for the children for the four little boys who are getting a family soon though!

  4. I am so sorry! But I agree, it is also a very good thing for the boys. I am sure you will spend a lifetime as prayer support for them!!

    I agree with DJ…. please consider Kurt. Or even Marshall. If you are still looking to adopt.

    Many blessings!

  5. According to RR you're in the process of adopting them?! I am so excited for you! Juliana and Elena are going to be such great "big sisters!" (The quotes only included because of their ages[:) Have a wonderful Christmas!
    <3 Jenna
    1 Kings 9:3