Monday, February 13, 2012


The girls had a Valentine's dance at school the other night.

The pictures (please excuse the graininess) are very typical of the girls' personalities.

Over the weekend, Kelly was helping Elena write Valentine's day cards.  Kelly would hold up two cards and ask "Which one do you want to give to so-and-so?"  Elena would point to the card she wanted to go to her classmate.  Sometimes Elena would pick the one on the left, sometimes the card on the right.

Finally, Kelly named a girl in class that Elena doesn't like.  Elena refused to point to either card, very clearly indicating that she did not want to give this little girl a Valentine card.  Kelly went on with other names and Elena resumed picking cards.  Kelly periodically returned to this one girl - and each time Elena refused to pick a card.  We finally gave Elena a choice for the girl of a scrap of cardboard or a card, and Elena **reluctantly** picked the card.

It is a scary thing to see a child's personality develop - it becomes more clear that this is a small person.

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