Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lemon Lemon

When we had been back in the states for a few weeks, we tried Elena on a lemon slice. She popped it in her mouth, then immediately spit it back out. We gave her a slice of lemon a week later (to test her memory). She picked it up, looked us square in the eye, and then very deliberately threw it on the floor. She has since learned to like lemons in small doses; she will run her finger over a lemon slice and then suck on her finger or she will lick a lemon slice but she won't actually eat it.

A couple of nights ago we gave Juliana her first taste of lemon. The first taste of lemon is primarily designed for the amusement of the parents. Juliana liked the taste of the lemon and ate practically a whole slice of lemon, but she was wincing and shivering the entire time. She kept going back for more! She doesn't have any teeth yet but does an amazing job of eating table food with her little gums. Juliana made the jump from rice cereal / milk to table food VERY quickly. She is bound and determined to eat grownup food.

So anyways..... here is the video of Juliana's first lemon.


  1. LOL Wayy to cute! I love it! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing....I needed a good laugh! Too cute!!