Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13.4 lbs and NO MORE OXYGEN!!!

Juliana saw her cardiologist today and took her off oxygen.  She is still on 2 medications and we will let her body grow out of them.  She is also up to 13.4 lbs.  She was 11.5 when we first got her.  This girl has been eating us out of house and home but she is growing and oh so active.  Today at the doctor's office she was all over that table trying to flip and flop to eat the paper.  She jabbers all day and blows bubbles.  She has made so much progress and I just love watching her every move. :)


  1. YAY!!!! How exciting!! So happy she is recovering and gaining weight! Hugs, Mel

  2. Way to go, Juliana!! So glad she is off O2 and growing and doing so well!