Thursday, February 3, 2011


Today is our Golden Ticket DAY! What does this mean to all of my readers that are not up on their adoption lingo...This means that as soon as I can have this final document triple stamped (notarized, certified, and apostilled) I can mail off my paper pregnancy and entrust it to my facilitators in Eastern Europe. From there it will be translated, then turned in to the government agency there that handles adoptions. Upon reviewing our dossier, we will be submitted and will receive a travel date:)
For 2 weeks now I have been coming home EVERY DAY and eagerly checking the mail to see if it had come. And my hearts aches just a bit each time I open the mailbox and do not see an official looking envelope that MIGHT be it. I left work at 3:58 today, knowing that the mail comes to our house at 4:00 (I live 2-3 minutes away). When I opened the mailbox there it was on top of those junk papers everyone gets on tuesdays. I was so overjoyed at this little old piece of mail! We are so much closer now.

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